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My name is Amrit and I'm the founder of Art Escape NZ, your very own messy art studio. 

I am a contemporary artist based in Auckland and focus on creating work that reflects nature. You can follow my art career via

BUT let's talk about Art Escape

Story of Art Escape

Art Escape was born to meet the needs of a new wave of experience seekers in Auckland—those who crave more than just painting a specific picture. These individuals seek the thrill of the unknown and want to let their creative juices flow.

As a leading provider of innovative art experiences, Art Escape inspires creativity and fosters community. Our goal is to create a welcoming space for everyone, regardless of prior experience. Here, there are no rules about how a painting should look. We provide the knowledge and tools for you to create freely and dive into colours, painting to your heart's desire.

Art Escape is not a conventional 'paint and sip' location. It’s for those wanting to experience a truly new way of creating art in a fun, messy, and exhilarating environment.


As New Zealand's VERY FIRST messy studio, why not take advantage of being in Auckland and escape with us for a few hours?

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